Let Light In

Add our stylish but practical glass extensions into your home to expand your space and add extra light to your home. This is great for homeowners who can’t invest in a larger home and need a hassle free solution. The range of size of the windows in our glass extensions allows flows of natural light in. This will help your Northampton home feel spacious. 

Your new glass extension will allow light into your home while locking out less desirable things. They are highly thermally efficient, secure, weather resistant and sound insulating while keeping out the weather conditions and potential intruders.

Stunning Style

Tailor your glass extension with our bespoke designs. Get involved in the current trend and expand your home widely. Our glass extensions are custom made to fit and suit your individual tastes and style. 

From glass from floor to ceiling, your home will look fabulous. Apart from this feature, you are welcome to customise your glass extension how you want it. You can personalise it from window style to door type to suit your individual needs.

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Glass Extensions Benefits

Performance Glass

Our glass extensions are made from high performance double glazing windows. The double glazing profile helps your Northampton home become naturally warmer and reduces your heating costs.

Bespoke Extensions

You can create a perfect glass extension for your style, home and needs. Add our choices to personalise the finishing touches to tailor it to how you want it. Use our materials to maximise your home’s potential.

Professional Installation

We take extra care and efficiency while installing our glass extensions. We will ensure they will not cause too much disruption and are the perfect fit for your home.

Expert Design

You will be supported throughout this process by our team who has over 30 years of experience. From the design to the installation process, we will know how to help you design the glass extension that will meet your needs.

Light Enhancing

Our extensions are designed to give your home the most access to the natural sunlight it can. Feel brighter at home and rely less on turning on the lights, reducing your energy bills. You can choose to design the extension with a subtle frame look to keep it simple.

Customer Focus

We are committed to delivering first rate service that leaves our customers fully satisfied. From design to installation, we’ll keep you in the centre.

Why Choose Aspire Glass Extensions?

Our team at Aspire Windows has over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry. You can feel confident that we will install the glass extensions that will meet your expectations. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, you can tailor our wide range of designs to find what will work best for you. 

Our skilled team will be there to help you throughout this process, from the designing of your glass extension to the installation and construction in your Northampton home. You have complete control of the design process and get regular communication from our team.

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Glass Extensions Prices Northampton

Get your free online non-obligation quote to start the glass extension process today. If you require any further help, then our friendly expert team will be happy to help. Contact us by phone at 01908 886280 or use our contact form for easier access. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Whether you need help reviewing the products, prices, services or designs, we are happy to go through that with you. Alternatively, you can also fill out our simple online contact form. Whichever option you choose, our team will provide you with any information you need.

We build and install bespoke, glass house extensions for properties in Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Buckingham, Dunstable, Bedford, Northampton and surrounding areas throughout Buckinghamshire.


Glass Extensions Cost

We design and build glass extensions for competitive, reasonable prices. Get a quote today to find out more!

In some cases, we know that the home improvement process can be a huge hassle. At Aspire Windows, our glass extensions are specially designed to be easy and straightforward to build and install. We could even build without needing a new foundation in some cases. This would make the installation process a lot faster and may even help gain planning permission easier.

Our glass floor-to-ceiling style will make your Northampton home look magnificent. Your friends and family will be impressed when they enter your home. It will also increase the value of your home as well! Not only will your home look great with our glass extensions, but it will also allow you to view your garden. Add a visual appeal to the interior and exterior of your home. 

Our glass extensions are unique to each home as you can tailor them to your home or your personal taste or style. Tailor each material to suit your lifestyle. Design the size and shape of your build and what doors and windows you would like to add. With our expert team ready on hand to help, we will help you choose the design that will maximise the potential of your home.