Let Light In

Our practical but stylish house extensions add extra light and space to your home. This is an ideal solution for homeowners who want an extra room but don’t want to go through the hassle of moving. The sizeable glazed windows in our glass extensions allow a flood of natural light in. This will help your Bedford home feel larger and more spacious. 

Even though our glass extensions allow light into your home, they won’t do the same for less desirable things. Our glass extensions are highly thermally efficient, secure, weatherproof and even sound insulating! Your home will be protected from extreme weather conditions and potential intruders.

Stunning Style

We make our glass extensions to a bespoke design. The trend to transform your home has grown dramatically, so get involved today! We make our glass extensions custom made to fit and suit your individual taste and style. 

Our glass extensions are from floor to ceiling, complementing any home exterior. Apart from this feature, you are free to choose any other style element. From the window’s style to the room’s shape, you can tailor your glass extensions to suit your lifestyle needs.

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Add Light And Style To Your Home

Performance Glass

Our glass extensions have high performance double glazing. Their double glazing units create an insulation profile, meaning you become warmer naturally and reduce your heating costs. The clean look of windows will make your home look stunning.

Bespoke Extensions

We create unique, bespoke designs to ensure that your new space is perfect for your style, home and needs. Use our customisable colours, hardware and finishes to make your extension your own.

Professional Installation

Our expert team take extra care and efficiency while installing all our bespoke glass extensions. We will ensure they are a perfect fit without causing excess disruption. We want to make you feel satisfied with your extension once it’s installed.

Expert Design

Our team has over 30 years of experience, so we know how to design stunning glass house extensions to suit your home. We will support you through this process if you are unsure.


Our glass extensions are perfect for making the most out of natural lighting. Opt for the option of having no visible frame of support to create a minimum look.

Customer Focus

We want to make you feel fully satisfied with the design and installation process. That’s why we have first-rate service to ensure we are there to help.

Why Choose Aspire Glass Extensions?

With our over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry, feel confident that we will install the glass extension of your dreams. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, we will have the design that will complement it. 

Our skilled team will be by your side throughout the process. From the designing process of your bespoke extension to the installation and construction process, you will be in complete control. We will ensure your extension is the perfect fit and give your Bedford home the exceptional performance it can get.

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Glass Extensions Prices Bedford

Start your free online quote today to upgrade your home with our stunning glass extension. If you need further help at any point in the process, contact our team at 01908 886280, and we will be happy to help. Our friendly team will be happy to review the products, prices and services we offer. We are even able to talk through our bespoke design options. 

Alternatively, you can also fill out our simple contact form for a straightforward process. Whatever you choose, we will be happy to help.

Glass Extensions Cost

We design and build glass extensions for competitive, reasonable prices. Get a quote today to find out more!

We know that, in some cases, home improvements can be a tough process. However, at Aspire Windows, our extensions are specifically designed to be easy and straightforward to build and install. In some cases, we can even build the structure without needing to create foundations. This will help speed up the installation process as well as potentially make the planning permission easier.

Make your home look breathtaking with our floor to ceiling glass extension style. Your guests will be impressed with this addition. Not only do glass extensions make your home look great, but they also allow you to look out at your view easier. Add visual appeal to the interior and exterior of your Bedford home.

Our glass extensions are unique to each home. Tailor your house extension to suit your specific style and needs. Design the size and shape of your build and what your doors and windows will look like. With our expert team, we can help you find the design to suit your Bedford home.