We create beautiful modern house extensions for St Albans homeowners looking to revamp their home. Expanding your property can bring you many benefits, including visual appeal, thermal efficiency and security. Our fantastic collection of extensions will bring you a space to create memories for years to come.

Each of our modern house extensions can be tailored to harmonise with your home’s aesthetics. The seamless blend will rejuvenate your home with a sleek design. From living rooms to kitchens, our products are designed for its purpose and your needs in mind. We will provide you with a blank canvas, and you can let your creativity take control.

Here at Aspire Extensions, we pride ourselves on installing modern house extensions that you will be proud of. We are experts in the industry and only use high-quality products that are designed to perform. Use our online quoting engine today to get your free zero-obligation quote. It could not be easier to start your project today with us.

Modern House Extension Features

Thermal Efficiency

We understand that keeping warm is an important part of any St Albans home. The double glazing and insulating materials that we use work together to provide a comfortable environment throughout the year. You can keep warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.


All our windows and doors are fitted with cutting-edge security systems, including multi-point locks. The uPVC and aluminium profiles are known for their rigidity and will keep your home secure. Our locks go through regular rigorous testing.

Tailored Design

Our modern house extensions can be designed to meet your style preferences. Whether you match your existing home or start from scratch, we have an array of bespoke options available for you to choose from. Design your dream extension today.


Made with the UK in mind, our products will secure your home from even the most extreme weather. We fit our modern house extensions with robust materials, including weather seals, to prevent unwanted water ingress and draughts from entering your St Albans home.

Low Maintenance

The modern house extensions that we create are designed not to warp, rust or discolour. They work against all elements and require little maintenance. St Albans will only need to wipe down any moveable parts with a damp cloth from time to time.

Double Glazing

All our windows and doors are fitted with high-quality double glazing. The two glass panes trap the warm air and keep it within your home. The outer pane blocks the cold from seeping into your property. You will rely less on using your heating and lower your monthly energy bills.


Our modern house extensions are designed to be long-lasting. The strength of our materials will protect you from any unwelcome intruders. Our locks are tested to ensure that they meet the latest safety regulations so that you can feel safe in your St Albans home all-year-round. Our internally beaded glass cannot be removed from the outside.

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Thermal Performance

You can benefit from excellent thermal performance when you choose our modern house extensions. The super-insulated framework and double glazing, work together to regulate the temperature of your home appropriately. You can live comfortably without feeling too hot or too cold. Our products can achieve excellent energy ratings.

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Customised Design

Your brand-new extension can be customised to complement your home’s style, or you can wipe the slate clean and design a new aesthetic. We have a range of windows and doors available for you to choose from. The uPVC and aluminium profiles are the best on the market and have several options to match your new space.

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Modern House Extensions st albans

Modern House Extension Prices St Albans

Transform your St Albans home with our stunning collection of modern house extensions. Create an open and modern environment that will certainly be the centre of attention. Use our handy online quoting engine to get your free no-obligation quote. All you have to do is choose your extension design and input your house dimensions.

If you still have questions about our modern house extensions, get in touch through our online contact form. A member of our friendly team will answer any queries that you have. Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 01908 886280 and speak to one of our experts.

Modern House Extension St Albans Prices

We offer modern house extensions for competitive, reasonable prices. Get in touch today to find out more!

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