Expand your living space in Leighton Buzzard with a bespoke modern house extension. These versatile renovations offer wider living space, without the need of moving house. Our extensions offer a wealth of practical benefits, including energy efficiency, security and durability. Add market value to your home today.

Both stylish and functional, a modern house extension adds exceptional value to any property. The customisation options we offer will give you a chance to transform the look to suit your aesthetic. With a range of windows, doors and roofing systems, you won’t be short on choice when designing the home improvement.

Here at Aspire Extensions, we have over 30 years in the home improvement industry. We specialise in the design and installation of house extensions, each product bespoke to your specifications. We are dedicated and passionate about our work and customers, ensuring you are happy with the finished product.

A Stylish Home Addition

Thermal Values

An energy-efficient household is essential for comfortable living. Our modern house extensions will keep your house at the optimum temperature and will keep cold draughts out. Save on your bills and save the planet synonymously.


From market-leading suppliers, we use premium materials when manufacturing our modern house extensions. Guaranteed not to rot, distort, dampen or mould over time, you can make a worthwhile investment.

Roofing Options

From top to bottom, we allow you to design your dream house extension.  From the more private solid and tiled roofs to a contemporary roof lantern or glass options, we have stunning choices for your Leighton Buzzard home.


Your modern house extension is custom-made, right down the last detail. Based on your design choices, we can transform your outdoor area into a brand-new room that’s fit for purpose. Update your home with Aspire.

Double Glazing

Using high-performance double glazing in our modern house extensions, Leighton Buzzard customers can enjoy a cosy living space. Utilising natural light, the room will feel much brighter and wider as a result.

Dedicated Service

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all the work we do. Our expert team have been trained to complete work to the highest standard with excellent efficiency. We take care and consideration with every project we complete.

Range of Styles

We offer modern house extensions which can fit a variety of homes in Leighton Buzzard. Whether you are looking to modernise a traditional home, or keep with a contemporary theme, we can accommodate.

Our glass extensions allow natural light to fill your home. Why not go for top to floor windows for a statement to your home?

Our Open Plan modern house extensions widen your space significantly. These make the perfect versatile area to enjoy with your family. Suit your style and space with our renovations.

modern house extensions cost leighton Buzzard

Thermal Values

Your new modern house extension will help you save on your overall heating bills. With its sleek design of thick aluminium beams and top-range glass, you can keep your home at the optimum temperature.

Our double glazing and sleek aluminium retain heat for a cosy atmosphere. Not only this, but it prevents any unwanted draughts from seeping in, which may have lowered the internal temperature.

modern house extension cost leighton Buzzard


With older, underperforming extensions comes the worry of mould, damp and structural damage. Our modern house extensions are designed to prevent this from occurring.

Providing exceptional weatherproofing abilities, you can stay warm and dry at home in Leighton Buzzard. The multi-chambered design provides an advanced level of protection from the elements.

modern house extensions price leighton Buzzard
modern house extensions leighton Buzzard

House Extension Prices Leighton Buzzard

Enhance your Leighton Buzzard property today with a modern house extension. We offer a fantastic range of customisation options so you can design your dream home. Choose from our wide range of roofing options, as well as the colours, finishes and hardware.

Get a quote today to see what we can offer you. Your dream home is just a few clicks away! If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer so fill in our online contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, speak to our team today on 01908 921197.

Modern House Extensions Cost

We offer modern house extensions for competitive, reasonable prices. Get in touch today to find out more!

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