Extend your home in Aylesbury with our range of bespoke modern house extensions. We tailor our projects to your home, creating a beautiful space you will be proud of. Open your house up with our fantastic range of extensions.


Our designs are incredibly versatile for your benefit. We can create an extension for a new lounge, dining room or a closed-off extension to escape to. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality extensions that will add market value to their home.


We ensure quality and style with our modern house extensions. The security and durability of our products excel, ensuring you are making a worthwhile investment. Get in touch with us today to start your next project. 

A Stylish Home Addition


Each of our modern house extensions come fitted with highly secure windows and doors. With multi-point locking in place, you can stay safe at home.

Thermal Efficiency

Our high insulated modern house extensions offer maximum heat retention. From the insulating roofing systems to the double glazed windows, you can benefit from lower energy bills.


With superior materials in place, you can benefit from a modern house extension that has been expertly manufactured to withstand strong winds and Brian without damage.

Range of Colours

We offer our array of stunning colours, grains and lasting finishes for the modern house extensions. These can perfectly suit both traditional and modern properties in Aylesbury.

Low Maintenance

Our modern house extension requires very little upkeep to maintain the original look. Simply clean the moveable elements such as handles and hinges and wipe down the glass every so often.

Quick Installation

With our dedicated team who have been trained to the highest standards, we install the modern house extensions quickly and efficiently, with little impact on your schedule.


We have a wide selection of windows and doors for you to choose form. We also have a range of colours and finishes for the beams and framework. You can even choose from our superb hardware collection.

Whether you’re after a brand new lounge or a kitchen space for cooking, our extensions are the perfect solution. Our modern house extensions can be customised to your exact specifications.



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Thermal Performance

Stay warm and comfortable all year round with our modern house extensions. The smart technology of double glazing traps pockets of air between the panes This then retains any heat from escaping and prevent the cold from coming in.

You won’t have to worry about an excess of heat with our thermally regulating roofs. By utilising your heating, your bills will start to drop. In turn, this will fundamentally reduce your carbon footprint.

modern house extensions prices aylesbury


We’ve taken every measure to ensure you are protected in our modern house extensions. The locking in the windows and doors ensure maximum security. Our hardware reaches the highest industry standards so you will remain protected.

Not only this, but the double glazing is internally beaded meaning it cannot physically be removed from the outside. stay safe and secure from potential intruders with our extensions.

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House Extension Prices Aylesbury

Improve your home in Aylesbury with our sleek modern house extensions. Each project is completed efficiently by our professional team. We are always on hand to help and will offer any advice if needed.

Use our free online quoting tool to get an instant price on your modern house extension. Just add in your specifications and style choices, and we’ll do the rest. Your dream home is just a few clicks away!

If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer so fill in our online contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, speak to our team today on 01908 921197.

Modern House Extension Aylesbury Prices

We offer modern house extensions for competitive, reasonable prices. Get in touch today to find out more!

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